Thursday, August 20, 2009

Upon further examination...

For no apparent reason what-so-ever I was examining this photo today. Lets start with the flavor representation: watermelon, orange, blueberry, lime, raspberry, black-licorice, lemon, teddy-bear, red apple, green apple, grape, and blueberry.

Wait? I have two colors denoted to the scent blueberry, and one extraneous flavor ominously represented by a stuffed animal.

Is anyone else confused??

Furthmore, I am scared for lemon's life because the teddy bear flavor is eyeing it hungrily. I think red apple may be autistic, while his/her neighbor, raspberry, appears to be identifying cloud formations. I think that the front-most blueberry of the trio recently smoked something (or maybe has just been sniffing his friends), while the solo blueberry (plum??) on the left is giving me? the markers? his fruity friends? the thumbs up.

What was the designer of this box on when he created this scent representation??

Oh yeah...Mr. Sketch SCENTED water color markers...

Apparently, in order to understand the joke that has put a smile/smirk/evil grin on all of these fruity faces, one must first buy a box of these markers, shut all doors and windows, and un-cap all 12 "non-toxic" scents.

Well played Mr. Sketch...well played...

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