Sunday, July 19, 2009


I have a confession. I am a library rookie. You would think that after 3 years of college, not to mention grades k-12, I would have them figured out by now. Well, I don't, so please don't judge. My only library, quest for a book, experience that I seem to be able to remember is from elementary school...back in the days of the card was terrifying.

Anyways, being that it was a beautiful day today, I decided to go for a lovely walk to the nearest public library in search of some new reading material, not to mention the fact that the library in question has a rather impressive DVD collection that includes movies in both Spanish AND Portuguese. Now, I am not talking about American-made movies dubbed with Spanish voices (even though these are actually very entertaining, if you've never watched one, I suggest starting with Mighty Ducks) but actual Span-Port films and documentaries. Needless to say, I was very excited about this library trip and the intellectual opportunities it presented!

This is where the disappointment comes in. I skipped (not even joking) up to the customer service desk and happily chimed, "I would like a library card please!" This was followed by a 15 second stare-down by the librarian, as if she was analyzing my ability to handle such a prized possession as a
library card. After coming to the conclusion that I could in fact read, she asked me if I brought an ID with me to the library today.

You bet your ass I did!

She looked at me, looked at my drivers license and then shook her head.


"Is this your current address," she asked.

Psshh...No. I am a student, I have lived in three different places in the past three years...back off lady.

Needless to say I was DECLINED by the library today. Seriously...the library! I could understand if MasterCard declined giving me a platinum card, or if the bank declined giving me a credit sucks...decline away. But the library??

So here I sit. Insulted, bookless, movieless...alone. Come Tuesday, I plan to go back to the library with some sort of proof of residence and again request a library card. However, this time I am sure there will be no skipping involved...

Happy Sunday!

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Lula said...

I too really enjoy Mighty Ducks in spanish especially when we get to hear Golberg talk. Classic!