Sunday, July 19, 2009


So, in case the title of this blog didn't tip you off already, I seem to have a slight problem sleeping at night. I have done everything I can think of...sworn off caffeine, invested in fans, taken cold medicine and/or Bennadryl, but it is all to no avail.

Now, I know what you are thinking, “wow you must do some really productive stuff with all that free time!!” Sadly, my response to this statement is a resounding NO! I spend my new found "free" time with my good friends Google and facebook. After successfully Googling everyone I have every met (or wish to meet someday) and stalking out everyone's facebook photo albums (never gets old...especially love the ones where you go through 15 photos all taken of the the photographer. Cute, classy, natural...all I can say is wow!) I am in the market for a more creative outlet...hence the blog.

I feel that there are still some skeptics out there shouting, “Why don’t you read a book, take up painting and/or other arts, or learn an instrument?" While those are all good ideas...they have already been done or are in progress as we speak! Books...lots of them...some in Spanish, others in's official...I can read! Arts...hahahahaha... I have used my retractable sharpie multipack to create quite the I am high...and writing a there. Music…I have no doubt in my mind that the neighbors will be thrilled at my new found ability to serenade them to sleep with my guitar. I am sure that my rendition of Hot Cross Buns will be nothing if not a complete success. I am happy to report that you are all invited over for three a.m. sing-a-longs!!

I have no blog friends (real friends...still questionable) but just in case someone else is up and would like to hear my meandering thoughts I would be more than happy to share them with you.

Sleep tight, Sleepless in...

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