Friday, July 24, 2009

F you Target

I strode into Target yesterday morning with a purpose! I love Target with all my heart and soul...unfortunately I love target a little too much...It is just that the store is so strategically set-up...and I am so easily distracted by things that are colorful and/or shiny. This, in combination with the fact that the thing I am searching for is usually at the farthest end of the store, combine for horrendous results.

My shopping trips usually go as follows...I walk in (wave to myself on TV) and grab a basket. My shopping for the day: Shampoo, bobby pins (even though I could technically shop for these on my apartment floor and find hundreds for free) and an array of household necessities (toilet paper, Kleenex etc). Somehow, I always magically end up in the swimsuit section...they are so bright, and you can never have enough swimsuits...what with summer recreation and all! I manage to tear myself away from the swimsuits, only to find myself trying on sunglasses seconds later. So far I have probably been in the store for 30 minutes and have only made it about twenty feet...clearly I am already screwed. My mind finally kicks in at this point and reminds me of my purpose...although since I am a notorious no-list kinda girl...I am walking around counting on my fingers, trying to remember what exactly that sixth thing I needed was.

Thirty minutes later I have still not remembered that sixth thing, however, upon examination of my basket I discover that I have 10 items picked screw the sixth thing...clearly I win. What did I forget? Mounting tape to hang up a mirror for our living room...what did I get instead???

SHAZAM! I am so excited to try it out! Unfortunately, I just recently shaved my legs so I am going to have to wait a few days. The suspense is killing me! I mean "No Pain, No Chemicals, No Razor Burn," magical!

I will happily report my findings in a day or two once I've smoothed my way to smoother skin...

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Swaaaan said...

shit dude. I can't leave that store spending anything less than $50.