Wednesday, July 22, 2009

On the hunt

After redecorating the apartment tonight, followed by reminiscing with my roomie, I fell back into my regular night time routine. This routine usually consists of:

(1) Elevating my knee above my heart and sitting with an ice-pack, AKA Ziploc freezer bag filled with ice-cubes, to tame any swelling that I may have accumulating after walking around all day.

(2) Quick search through my bedding and pillows for my blanky*

(3) Check facebook

(4) Google cute babies for 20 minutes or so.

I am a 21 year old girl with the knees of an 80 year old, and the innocence of a four year old :)

This is where the routine changes a bit from night to night. Tonight, I looked for potential jobs that I might find interesting upon my graduation in 10 months or so. I have no definite career path in mind, so I am open to anything and willing to take suggestions!

Possible careers:

Child-namer: Have you ever met a Lucy and thought, "Lucy? You're a Bertha* if I've ever seen one!" Well, I think that all the time! I could be awesome at this! People would have little Mr(s). Magoo looking children and I would be responsible for naming them based on what they
really look like.

*No one actually ever names their child Bertha, something about it seeming cruel, but in my opinion a Bertha is a Bertha and one cannot cover up their Bertha-ness with so-called daintier names

Scented-marker tester: I LOVE scented markers! They not only add a little something extra to every kindergarten student's family drawing (not to mention their faces...beware the dangers of sniffing to close) but are also fabulous group fun. Seriously, you sniff and pass it on to your good friend, "Woah, smell this one..." Someone has to uphold the high quality and infinite wonder that is the scented marker. I could be that girl! I could halt marker production with a single sniff, "You call this watermelon??" Obvious risks are involved, but I am thinking that a life time supply of scented markers easily outweighs any potential nasal damage.

Verizon Wireless "Network": These people get to travel all over the world to the most interesting places! Not to mention BONUS, people have to listen to you...because they must be able to, "hear you now." It would be like working as a professional snotty child annoying a busy parent..."Can you hear me now, how bout now, can you still hear me? Yoohooo..." If there is one person who has a resume meeting these qualifications it would be me! I have no doubt that my references would give me rave reviews and I would be hired immediately.

That is all I have for now. As solid as this list is, I still am in need of a few back-ups...just in case Mr. Sketch is on a hiring hold or something...


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